PK Solutions was the first to develop and create the concept of a Digital Data Management System (DDMS) designed to revolutionize data management through mobile technology. We currently employ over 32 in-house developers and working on the creation of a new product designed for workforce optimization.

Field Data Management

intelliSPEC™ is an innovative and intelligent mobile solution designed to optimize and improve the integration of reliable, efficient and consistent data required to carry out sustainable data management programs. intelliSPEC™ is the only asset & process management system with the ability to feed real-time results to KPI’s, allowing better process control to make decisions and measure results for a more reliable and safe facility.

Workforce Optimization

The weavix™ platform is designed to digitally connect the workforce by enabling optimization of the workflow, the schedule, the worker and equipment utilization and preemptive safety intervention through weavix™’s robust platform and digital badge. The badge is the portal to all field data that works in sync with the weavix™ platform to push and pull data from legacy systems, mobile inspection data, schedule updates and resources needed (tools, material, equipment) that turns the ordinary workforce into a digitally connected workforce.