Inspection Services

Inspection Services

PK Technology is a full-service inspection contractor that provides intelligent solutions through industry-leading methodologies and enterprise-level mobile technology designed to keep projects on budget, on schedule, and safe.

Turnaround Optimization

PK Technology’s intelligent solutions, experienced staff, and industry leading methodologies provide on budget, on schedule, and safe turnaround outcomes by:

  • Identifying potential issues and performance gaps to mitigate risk and avoid unnecessary disasters.
  • Providing technology with “out of the box” inSOLUTION modules which turnaround teams can easily identify, assess, and prioritize risk in a proactive and systematic fashion.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable industry consultants work hand in hand with your Turnaround team to help identify and manage the major risks that can impact the team’s goals and objectives.

Using a DDMS to plan, track, execute and improve your turnaround process allows the turnaround team full transparency by offering:

  • Real-time data collection and reporting through an innovative mobile platform
  • Tablet-driven forms with electronic routing
  • Electronic peer review process
  • Ability to turn existing workforce knowledge into a repeatable process
  • Embedded video capture and picture annotation

Processes PK Technology can optimize

Project Schedule Validation

  • Critical Path Tracking

Critical Equipment Tracking

  • Flange and Blind Management
  • Valve Management
  • Weld Tracking
  • Rotating Equipment

API Inspection Services

Inspection, RBI & Engineering Consulting

Asset Integrity Management

  • Implementation and revalidation of fixed equipment inspection processes
  • RBI and time-based MI program optimization
  • PSM audits with P&ID validation
  • Audit and gap assessment

Corrosion Damage Mechanism Review / Consulting

  • Integrity operating windows

Mechanical Integrity Program Management

  • Inspection strategies and inspection planning development and review

Turnkey API and NDE Inspection Services
Inspection, RBI and Engineering Consulting

New Construction, EPC & Offshore

QA/QC Weld Tracking

  • Coating corrosion survey paint program management

Project Schedule Validation

Offshore Fabric Maintenance

  • Fire proofing integrity program

  • Coating corrosion surveys and paint program management

Onshore Fabric Maintenance Specialty Services

Onshore Fabric Maintenance

  • Fire proofing integrity program
  • Coating corrosion surveys and paint program management

Client Consulting & Specification Development Specialty Surveys

  • Working and walking surface surveys
  • Secondary containment