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Established in 1997, PK Companies is a family-owned specialty service company to the oil, gas, petrochemical, aerospace, and commercial and manufacturing industries.  Between the three companies (PK SafetyPK TechnologyPK Industrial) PK has worked in 40+ states, 60% of the deepwater offshore oil rigs, and have products currently in use around the world.  Our team provides a “Higher Level of Protection” through revolutionary innovation and industry-leading methodologies.

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PK Safety provides on-site safety services including medical services, safety attendants, field safety representatives, rescue services, safety training and safety equipment rental differentiated from all others by utilizing in-house developed technologies to provide a safer environment, increased utilization and predictive response capability.


PK Technology provides uniquely efficient, API, NACE and other inspection services by utilizing in-house developed intelligent solutions designed to deliver complete transparency and comprehensive knowledge to assist owner clients with making better data-driven business decisions in near real-time, thereby helping assure asset integrity and avoid PSM events.


PK Industrial applies high value epoxy based coatings in both shop and field applications.  PK Industrial pioneered installation and repair of epoxy intumescent fireproofing systems in the oil and gas industry and remains one of the largest applicators of intumescent fireproofing and numerous other industrial coatings based in the central US.