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Our Companies


PK Safety is a leading provider of integrated industrial safety services and strategies dedicated to keeping your workers and your facility safe while delivering complete and cost-effective safety service solutions without compromise.


PK Technology provides inspection services through intelligent solutions designed to deliver complete transparency and comprehensive knowledge to assist owner clients with making better data-driven business decisions. Moving from “thinking” to “knowing.”


PK Industrial is a leading provider of industrial coatings, tank linings, and passive fireproofing systems. As a proven and trusted applicator, serving the oil and gas, commercial & manufacturing industries, PK Industrial serves the needs of any facility.


PK Solutions has created two products: intelliSPEC™, a Digital Data Management System (DDMS) built to manage asset integrity through real-time mobile data collection, and weavix™ which is an integrated data sharing platform that optimizes the workforce.

Our History

The Beginning

Pro-Kleen (PK) was started by Kevin Turpin in 1997. The company began by applying high-end automotive and industrial machinery coatings but soon realized that it didn’t want to be just a painting company. So with eagerness to learn new techniques that improve efficiency and quality, willingness to innovate and partner with coating and equipment manufacturers and continuous education, PK went from a small-town company to industry-leading company within a short period of time.

Begins To Pioneer Fireproofing & Specialty Services

After four years of painting heavy machinery and refinery equipment off-site with specialty applications, PK’s reputation was growing. PK Industrial which was originally known as Pro-Kleen Inc. becomes incorporated. PK becomes the first company to spray Chartek 1709 in an onshore facility in North America.

Recognized As Industry Experts

Fireproofing grew rapidly on new construction projects –PK Industrial (PKI) became known as the world leader for intumescent fireproofing application in the oil & gas industry. PKI used their knowledge and applied it to other high-end coatings, tank liners, vessels, secondary containers, etc. In no time, PKI tripled the size of the Kansas facility and opened one of the largest shops in Houston, TX, thereby becoming the lead applicator for every sizable steel fabricator in North America.

A New Division Is Born

With PK Industrial applying very complicated coating systems in dangerous and complex environments, they experienced the lack of training with the safety services provided. PK saw a need to innovate the process and improve the quality of safety reps and started supplying our own safety professionals. PK Safety was founded to provide safety professionals that meet the high standard and quality PK was known for.

Technology Was Going To Be The Answer

Throughout the growth of PK, we saw an opportunity to innovate and create consistency using mobile technology to sustain our growth. PK realized the value and power of mobility –access to information and data in real-time, so we hired a 3rd party company to build applications for internal use. However, they didn’t understand the industry or have a passion for success, so PK decided to hire in-house development in order to apply our expertise. This was the beginning of PK Technology.

Development of intelliSPEC™

PK made the decision to invest in development to create a mobile technology that worked with a tablet. With a strong pool of developers trained locally in writing applications specifically for Apple at the time, PK developed its first product (intelliSPEC™) with internal solutions inFIRE & inSAFETY for use by PK Industrial and PK Safety.

The Growth Continues

Product development allowed PK Companies to grow 100% each year and provide consistency. Services expanded into 22 states and the offshore market. During this period, customers took notice of the technology PK employees were using and started to inquire about external use. The development team continued to grow and PK was quickly becoming a technology company.

Innovation Is In Full Swing

PK decided to start an operations department within PK Technology to provide certified inspectors that were properly trained on the use of intelliSPEC™. After development, PK went to the market to merge inspection processes with mobile data collection –using our experience of running successful service companies to efficiently run an inspection company that can push inspection data into legacy systems.

Development of weavix™

PK  Technology now employs 32 in-house developers and is working on the creation of a new product designed for workforce optimization (weavix™). weavix is an integrated data sharing platform built specifically for the oil and gas industry designed to eliminate workforce inefficiencies through digitization and real-time communication between all owner and contractor personnel.

Previous & Current Locations

We are currently on 50+ job-sites in 15 states nationwide.  With our headquarter locations  in Houston, Texas and Wichita, Kansas, we have the ability to handle any job of any size.

PK Safety
PK Technology
PK Industrial

Our Offices

Corporate Office
10811 E Harry St
Wichita, KS 67207
(316) 866-2955
PK Technology
363 N. Sam Houston Pkwy. E., Suite 350
Houston, TX 77060
(855) 759-2800
PK Safety
1910 W 6th AVE
El Dorado, KS 67042
(316) 452-5346
PK Industrial
5351 SW 100th
Augusta, KS 67010
(316) 775-6898
4800 Fidelity
Jacinto City, TX 77029
(713) 353-9016

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