PK Industrial

PK Industrial

PK Industrial provides installation of epoxy intumescent fireproofing systems applied to structural steel and pipes along with numerous other industrial coatings.

Our Story

PK Industrial was formed by Kevin Turpin in 1997 and incorporated in 2001. PK Industrial was originally known as Pro-Kleen Inc. and was formed to be an agricultural equipment and fence painting company. The strategy gradually evolved away from agriculture and into serving the oil & gas industry. 

PK Industrial is a leading applicator of specialty coatings, including an epoxy-based, intumescent fireproofing coating, designed to enhance safety and longer life for structural steel. PK Industrial has multiple field crews and shops located in Wichita, Kansas and Houston, Texas. PK Industrial can provide the same level of quality in the shop or in the field. It has performed coating projects for domestic customers in 33 states and 5 countries 

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