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Welcome To The PK Team!

Leanna Henning

Hi, I am Leanna Henning.  I’m a graduate from Wichita State University.  I have two sons, ages 14 and 4, so they really keep us busy with sports.  You can find me outside when we are not busy.  I love to hang out at the lake or pool.  If I could be anywhere…I’d be at the BEACH.  I LOVE to go to our favorite spot, Exuma, to relax and snorkel.  Best beaches in the world. I really enjoy the energy here at PK Companies and I’m excited to be a part of the team.  


Bring the Flavor Summer Fun Cookout

The winning recipe is featured in the “recipe” section of the newsletter

The intelliSPEC team was celebrating its upcoming launch of the android version of intelliSPEC with a cookout. The Wichita office was invited to join in with a side and dessert contest. Maria Mannani won the traveling Golden Fork Award with her Pink Flamingo cake. Maria is the PK Solutions’ Scrum Master. She helps facilitates the development process by eliminating obstacles to the completion of the goals as well as ensures the development teams are on track to complete their tasks.

Testing an LTE network at CHS McPherson Refinery

PK Solutions was testing an LTE network at CHS McPherson Refinery. An LTE network would prevent network outages during turnarounds since the refinery would have it’s own network rather than 10,000 people trying to get signal in one area. It’s ground breaking technology and they successfully got the network to work.